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16 October 2014 @ 07:56 pm
My cat is now on Prozac.....
13 October 2014 @ 11:49 am
Like in my previous post.

Then something gets posted to make you feel better.

This video made me feel better today.

05 October 2014 @ 10:51 pm
Two episode season four premiere tonight. Wow. Just wow.

There were scenes that I know would turn a lot of people away, but for me they were fine given the context. Or maybe I'm just immune to anything that happens on a t v show.

Whatever. Homeland is a great show and I'm sold on season four already.
01 September 2014 @ 06:55 pm
I'd LOVE to see them live...but who knows if I ever will...

*sigh* So freaking talented..... I just love their music....

28 August 2014 @ 08:29 pm
...why won't this song leave my brain?

...yes, it's a great cause, I'm happy so much money has been raised...I don't know...

I had decided to stop watching the videos....until the Foo Fighters posted this:

*THIS* is why I love these guys! They get the award for most creative ice water challenge video.


I've been a bit under the weather for the past few days...I know I told some people I'd make an entry about the convention I went to on Saturday... It was nice, we got done what we planned to do... Maybe I'll still post an entry...I can't decide.
01 August 2014 @ 04:39 pm
...sometimes I feel like I'm the odd person out.

The amount of alcohol that has been consumed this week has been unbelievable.... I'm just not that much of a drinker. Sure, I'll partake in an 'adult beverage' occasionally, but my family can drink with the best of them. Like an Olympic sport or something. So that's one way I feel out of place.

Another is...financially. All my siblings are happily married. I'm on my own. And they all are two income spouses. And they all earn A LOT more than I do. The money that has been spent this week is mind boggling. I haven't been to the grocery store, but I know they have, and I have also been eating the food. Today I gave Mike $70 towards food and I know it's a mere pittance compared to what the rest of them have spent. I still feel like it wasn't enough. Last night at the happy hour, Mike asked me to pay for half the bill since everyone else had been chipping in all week. I did...because Tuesday night Bob paid for EVERYONE's meal. (even though I only had ONE drink at happy hour and didn't eat ANY of the oysters. I had ONE of the wings and like two of the popcorn shrimp). So I definitely feel out of place there.

Mike and his wife Bonnie bought a place down here... in fact, they settled on it this week. I'll never have that. Bonnie keeps talking how she's going to retire in 7 years. I'll NEVER be able to retire.

Bonnie has VERY strong political opinions...and some of the things she says...I really disagree with. (I disagree with several of the things people have said this week, but trust me, it isn't worth arguing over. I suck at debating anyway). She made a comment on how the kids defaulting on student loans is going to be one of the things that ruins this country. If it weren't for student loans, my kid wouldn't be able to go to college.

I feel AWFUL that Rachel will be so much in debt, but her dad and I just were very poor planners.

My sister in law Andrea has actually spent time this week doing work. She and Bonnie each have VERY high positions in the company's they work for. They work practically 12 hour days and travel a lot. Not me. I put in my hours, go home, and forget about work. I know that means I'll never make a lot of money, but I also don't bitch and complain about my job like they do.

There have been a lot of conversations about current events, politics, and other 'adult' topics. I haven't contributed to any of them. I SOOO don't know how to have a conversation like that.

So it's been a good week, but also a very uncomfortable one for me at times.

Today has been overcast all day. The kids went to one of the water parks, but didn't stay long. The adults went to Mike and Bonnie's new place (so they could show us). It's really nice, the development it's in is beautiful.

Then we (the adults) went to lunch. Nice place. There's talk of getting crabs tonight, but I'm beginning to think that isn't going to happen. I love crabs, but really can't afford to chip in towards them (and they aren't cheap!).

Tomorrow it's supposed to rain most of the day. Bob said he and I could possibly take the kids to the movies to see Guardians of the Galaxy. (finally! Something for the geek in me! LOL!). So we'll see if that happens.

18 July 2014 @ 07:32 pm
I'm always up for making some new LJ friends!

It's here: at Ghost-light's journal.
14 July 2014 @ 12:36 pm
I think this is such a great idea... For those of us sticking with LJ and not going anywhere!!!


full meme | my thread

Thank you, fiercelynormal for posting on your LJ -- I am paying it forward!!!

Yes, it's mostly about how those topics relate to Shameless, but I still hope you'll give it a read since it reflects television in general...(at least in my opinion -- also keeping in mind that this article is soley the authors opinion -- even though I agree with her point of view! LOL! There are SO MANY layers to the show Shameless...and that is why I love it so much).


Raw article (cut and pasted):

Spotlight0Shameless: The Naked Truth

Written by: Kasara2014/06/02 1:48 PM
Shameless is not the first show to ever show a naked woman on screen and it is certainly not the first to show a naked man; however, that is rarer than you might think. Lastly, it is certainly not the first show to feature gay characters.

So what am I getting at here? What’s the difference in how Shameless portrays any of this? The difference is that the actors, and show as a whole, are fighting to make issues such as nudity and the presence of homosexual characters a non-issue. They’re trying to take the stigma and false ‘shock factor’ out of what boils down to inherently human qualities and body anatomy.

For me, it has often been a cringe worthy moment for an actor when they are saddled with questions pertaining to nudity and it makes me wonder why those questions are necessary. Either it’s because they have been asked a thousand times before and even I’m getting tired of hearing their answer, or because it’s just genuinely uncomfortable to see the actor forced to justify the nudity portrayed on screen.

Considering the fact that we have all seen many of these actors naked on our screens, it’s only human to want to ask them how they’re able to be comfortable enough filming those scenes, especially since many of us probably aren’t comfortable wearing a bathing suit in front of a few people let alone baring all to millions of people. The problem is when it’s all we ask them. The problem is when we, as viewers, are unable to see past the naked form on our screens: Emmy Rossum may be naked in the shower, but more importantly—Fiona Gallagher is about to have a panic attack.

When asked about one of her least favorite questions to answer in interviews, Emmy Rossum without hesitation stated that it was about nudity.

“Cause I think it’s so boring, and like—who cares? … There’s so much more important things about the show than the fact that I show my boobs. Like who cares?” – Emmy Rossum

I couldn’t agree more. Herein lies one of the many important aspects of Shameless as a show; it continues to smash false taboos while still maintaining an ironic sense of integrity in such outlandish circumstances. As much as it would seem that Shameless gives us situations so out of the norm and teetering on insanity, it also helps to puts them into perspective. With a show that shines a light on poverty, addiction, sexual and physical abuse, and social injustice—it’s hard to justify focusing on the sight of bare breasts. And if this is such an offense, or so particularly fascinating, maybe we should start censoring our own showers and make sure to keep a blindfold on during sex. We wouldn’t want to alarm ourselves.

“What is the big deal about nudity? I just don’t get it. It’s not violence, it’s not offensive to anyone. I don’t get it; it’s the human body. We’re all born naked.” – Emmy Rossum

Emmy isn’t the only one who has something to say about our hierarchy of reining qualities in the characters on the show. Having brought us such beautifully intricate and raw characters, one could ask a thousand unanswerable and multi opinioned questions. For example—

One could ask Emma Greenwell what it’s like to play a character with darker colored hair, or what it’s like for Cameron Monaghan to play a gay character.

Oh I’m sorry are those not the same?
Ok—don’t get me wrong. I fully understand and respect the importance and gravity of showcasing a character who is gay on television. It has been a fantastic step forward, especially in regards to the care that Shameless has taken to make characters such as Ian and Mickey apart of, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful, raw, and greatest love stories ever told. But here is where I find myself differing just a tad.

They are not interesting and profound characters because they’re gay. There are so many other qualities going into creating such accurate representations of people that we can relate to so strongly, that focusing solely on their sexuality is a disservice not only to the characters themselves, but people as a whole. We are not machines made to be showcased for only one bolt.

“Ian is a complex guy. It’s less important to think about his sexuality and more important to think about the emotion and stress that he’s going through.” – Cameron Monaghan

Cameron Monaghan himself has stated that Ian’s sexuality is not the main focus for him. I have never been so happy to hear him state that he even forgets sometimes that Ian is gay.

“Well you know it’s funny that the fact that Ian is gay comes up so often in interviews because I actually forget a lot of the times that he’s gay. It’s so not important to me.” – Cameron Monaghan

The more that we continue to isolate sexuality as a defining factor in the makeup of who we are, the further we continue to stay isolated. If our ultimate goal is to make it a non-issue, then Shameless is continuing its trend as a pioneer for a new and unique type of television. One that allows for nudity in the most everyday sense; one that shows that people are not defined by who they fall in love with. After all, Kev already said what we’re all thinking.

“No one gives a shit who you bang.”

Tags: Cameron Monaghan, Emmy Rossum, Fiona Gallagher, gay, Ian Gallagher, nudity, shameless

About Kasara
Kasara currently resides in Los Angeles where she spends most of her time watching Shameless, listening to Fall Out Boy and drinking wine. While trying to pursue a career in acting, she is also an avid writer. You're most likely to find her walking around with a coffee in hand and wondering why they still haven't made a candle with the scent of 'blown out candle'.
15 June 2014 @ 11:25 pm

I only have one thing to say about it.

Just hand over all the awards to Peter Dinklage already.

Gah, I love this show, it's television at its best.

(bm_shipper, you once asked me who I'd pay any amount to meet at a con. The answer is Peter Dinklage. He's such an amazing actor and I've been a fan of his since *way* before Game of Thrones has skyrocketed his career).

05 June 2014 @ 09:52 am
The show took quite a leap in this weeks's episode!

hmmmmCollapse )

On the other hand, that's what makes this show so's crazy, and so far fetched at times, you just need to go along with it.

I can't wait to see how things are wrapped up (or *will* they be all wrapped up?) in the final two episodes.

Read more...Collapse )

Still really enjoying the show!!

25 May 2014 @ 11:22 pm

Wow. I seriously have no words as to how amazing this film is.

All the awards to Mark Ruffalo for his AMAZING performance. Julia Roberts, Jim Parsons, Taylor Kitsch and Alfred Molina were also incredible.

Matt Bomer? I was stunned when he appeared onscreen after the weight loss he did for his role. He was brilliant.

I am in awe with everything about this film.

I'm still wiping away the tears.

02 May 2014 @ 09:08 am
On one of the city streets in Baltimore, there was a landslide -- happened on Wednesday after days of very heavy rain.

Movies and tv shows never scare me or creep me out...but REAL LIFE potential dangers? THEY ARE THE SCARY THINGS TO ME.

The aftermath: (or: "How my hometown makes it on CNN!")


The article is titled "The Best-Written Gay Couple on Television Is Hiding on a Guilty-Pleasure Show"

Although I wouldn't call Shameless a guilty pleasure's just a very good show!!

08 April 2014 @ 10:01 am

I usually don't like to complain about health issues. (I really don't have any that affect my life on a daily basis anyway).

But yesterday morning I did something stupid. Poked myself in the eye when putting in my contact lens. D'oh!

I conveniently had an appointment with my primary doctor last night (the usual 3 month blood pressure check) so of course I told her about my eye - not that she couldn't see how swollen my eyelid is plus the fact that I was wearing my glasses and not my contacts.

Bottom line, there's a small tear on my cornea. Great. She gave me a prescription for eye drops and wants me to call the ophthalmologist in the same medical building.

Which is fine. But I wanted to call my optometrist and let him know what is going on. The receptionist asked if I wanted Dr. Rowe to look at it so I thought sure why not. He's been my optometrist for almost 20 years and he's awesome.

Guess I'll make the appointment with the ophthalmologist after I see Dr. Rowe this afternoon. In the meantime, I have to wear my glasses all the time. Which is annoying. When you aren't used to something on your face all day, it's something to get used to. And the vision perspective is SO MUCH BETTER with my contacts than my glasses. But, I don't have a choice.

So I hope this is all my bad luck for the year and the rest of 2014 will be gravy.

One can hope, right?